Each shipment is insured against freight damage.


Though damages and losses are few and far between, accidents do happen. Here are the simple steps to follow in the event of freight damage. Because the product will arrive in individual cartons, any damage typically only affects one or two individual cartons.


On delivery day:

  • Inspect the outside of the cartons for any signs of damage. If the product is damaged the cartons will show distress and be torn.
  • We list the amount of cartons on the drivers delivery slip that your shipment should contain. Count the cartons to make sure they are all there.
  • Make a note on the delivery slip (BOL) for the amount of any damaged cartons or the amount of missing cartons.
  • Sign the delivery slip and receive both the damaged and undamaged product.
  • Call us to arrange for the replacement of the damaged product or any cartons that may be missing.

We replace your product and work with the delivery companies on shipping claims. This is full service with us filing your claim providing you sign for the damage upon receipt of the shipment. If you do not sign for shipping damage on the BOL at the time of delivery we lose our ability to file a claim with the delivery company on your behalf. This means we are not able to provide you with replacement material at no cost and you have to file a claim with the shipping company on your own.


  • Please allow 24 hours for internal processing of credit card refunds.
  •  Please allow 48 hours for processing check/money order refunds. Check/money orders are refunded only after the funds have cleared our bank.
  •  Refund checks that are not picked up in person are mailed via USPS priority mail.