Jonathan M. Los Angeles, CA
Jonathan M. Los Angeles, CA
Hired L.A hardwood a second time to complete the living room. Another perfect job. Some minor repairs were completed. The job was exceptional!I would hire this company again in a heart beat. Professional at every step.
Delancey W. Los Angeles, CA
Delancey W. Los Angeles, CA
We were very pleased with the service we got from Vania. We were looking to replace our carpet in our 600 sq ft finished basement with hardwood floors - after a free measurement, Vania was very helpful in getting a range of hardwood, engineered and even laminate floorsThe installation was just finished this week and was done very professionally - we are extremely happy with the result. The installers finished the entire 600 ft installation in a dayOverall I would absolutely recommend them for flooring and installation and we will be using LA Hardwood for our next project!
We have awesome reviews on Angie's List!
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Hardwood Floors Installation

Hardwood Floors Refinishing

Hardwood Floors Installation

Installing hard wood floors is a wonderful way to improve your living space. Whether you want to remodel and go for a high-fashion look, or if you are just trying to reduce maintenance, you can handle this home improvement yourself. Follow these steps for how to install flooring.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are made of maple wood, birch wood, oak wood, ash wood or beech wood. Each kind of wood will give your hard wood floors a different look and feel. Hardwood floors can come in a variety of colors and are becoming more affordable and easier to maintain. hardwood floors are now being developed with sophisticated techniques so that they are harder and more durable.

If you want a custom stained hardwood floor, or a hardwood floor to match existing trim than a job-site finish is your answer. Job-site finish means you start with a bare (unfinished) hardwood floor and than the hardwood floor is sanded, stained, and finished in the home. The other advantage of a job-site finish is if you are concerned with uneven heights between planks, the sanding process will smooth out the hardwood floor. Be warned, this can be quite a mess and the process does take several days.

Type Of Floors

Distressed floors

Distressed flooring and hand scraped vintage style hardwood flooring is one of the more popular styles of authentic styled hardwood flooring available today.Add heritage, character and history to your home with this exceptional and unique distressed hardwood flooring.

Laminate floors

Laminate powers of impersonation allow you to get the look and feel of rare, exotic wood with no natural material drawbacks.

Bamboo floors

One of the latest products in the wood flooring market, imported exotic bamboo flooring has some remarkable qualities. As hard as Hard maple, 50% more stable and harder than Red Oak. Made from grass, not wood,bamboo flooring is a grass (with more than 1,000 species-worldwide), it rejuvenates itself to maturity within 4 to 5 years, thus being an environmentally friendly product by helping preserve our forest.

Pre-finished hardwood floors

The finished wear layers of pre-finished hardwood floors are far superior to any finish that can be applied during the construction of your new home, or the remodel of your existing home. Factory applied finish coats are more resistant to abrasion, and will not show swirl marks, hairs, dust, and other imperfections often associated with "from scratch" hardwood flooring.

Micron-beveled Edge

Micron-beveled edge has the shallowest groove. Micron-bevel and micro-bevel are so close that between manufacturers they may be hard to determine any difference.

Full Beveled Edge

These products have a very distinctive deep groove in them. Beveled edge planks lend themselves to an informal and country decor. With the urethane finishes applied at the factory today the beveled edges are sealed completely making dirt and grit easy to be swept or vacuumed out of the grooves.

Engineered floors

Engineered flooring is made using a cross ply veneer construction using 5 plies of hardwood veneer. This is the most stable construction of all wood floors that we know about on the market today.

Cork flooring

Cork Flooring is another very unique type of "Green Floor Covering" that is considered very environmentally friendly. Cork floors are a wonderful floor covering for those who desire a very different look along with comfort underfoot. Cork flooring is available in many different styles, colors and patterns.

Chiseled edge floors

Unlike most of today's machine-distressed flooring, no two planks are alike and each bears the signature of the proud craftsman who created it. These planks will add heritage and ancient history to your home.

Unfinished hardwood floors

Unfinished hardwood flooring has a material cost significantly less than pre-finished hardwood. Thoughunfinished floors may involve more hands-on work for the sanding and finishing, it allows the homeowner a wider selection of finishes to create the most beautiful floor conceivable.

Square Edge

The edges of all boards meet squarely creating a uniform, smooth surface that blends the floor together from board to board. The overall look of this floor gives a contemporary flair and formal feeling to the room.

Eased Edge

The eased edge has a slightly shallower groove than the full beveled edge. Some manufacturers add the eased edge along both the length of each planks as well as along the end joints, this will give the floor a different visual effect when installed.

Solid floors

Solid wood flooring, by definition is any type of wood, regardless of width or length, which is comprised of one piece of wood from top to bottom. It is nailed down to 3/4” exterior grade plywood and is appropriate to use in any room in the house. It can either be factory finished (pre-finished) or unfinished (sand-on-site).

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring has been around for many years now. Since its conception, solid hardwood floorshas been one of the favorite types of flooring that there is. Solid hardwood floors can be found in many different sizes to create the most elaborate designs that there are. Many do not realize the fact that solid hardwood floors are designed to create some of the most unique designs that there are. One person can take the exact same set of solid hardwood flooring panels and come out with an entirely different solid hardwood flooring than that of the other. Solid hardwood floors is one of the most traditional, most gorgeous types of flooring that there is. One of the greatest things about solid hardwood flooring is the fact that it can last a lifetime. It is not at all unlikely for families to pass down their solid hardwood floors from one generation to the next. This is one of the most common reasons why solid hardwood flooring is often chosen over that of engineered hardwood flooring. Many people highly appreciate the fact that solid hardwood floors can be sanded down many times over to expose their original value. Solid hardwood flooring is a clear example of preservation at its very best.

  • 1. Solid hardwood floors are valued so much by many because solid hardwood floors can be quite reasonably priced if you shop for them correctly. There are many places in which you can obtain quality solid hardwood floors at a reasonable price. You have to really search the market and see what the different suppliers have to offer. You are bound to eventually find a great deal that is going to work out in your best interest.

  • 2. Solid hardwood flooring is often seen as a valuable commodity to many because they want to be able to have flooring that will allow them to create the ambiance that they are trying to receive without a huge distraction from the floor. Solid hardwood floors are often obtained when someone wants a great looking floor, but do not want it to upstage the rest of the space.

  • 3. Solid hardwood flooring is often valued by many because of the natural elements that are contained within them. Many are finding that they want to incorporate green living into every aspect of their lives, so this is often that hardwood floors are the most popular option when they are looking to find a floor for their home. They want even there footsteps to be graced from the finest stuff on the earth. They do not want their footsteps to spur any environmental conflicts as a result of the footsteps that they have implanted throughout their very own home.

When you need to install hardwood floors in your home, our floors installers can help. We handpick installers who meet the highest standards for experience, know-how and customer service to get your heating and cooling project done right.

We offer start-to-finish project management to put your mind at ease that the job will get done right. The durable quality and attractive styles of our hardwood floors add a natural appeal to any room and increase the value of your home. We'll remove any existing carpet or flooring, then provide a tidy, comprehensive cleanup of all project-related debris once the installation has been finished.

When you hire our services for your hardwood floor installation, you know we'll get the job done right and stand behind our work.